100 portraits

In Flickr I have joined the Julia Kay’s portrait party were artists draw each other from photos. Lisbeth is my 100 posted portraits.

In this portrait I finally discovered that I can use what ever I feel I should be using with out being blocked by  pre-learned rules.

I started the base drawing with my left hand (non dominant hand) added the shadows and details with my right hand, then added a touch of pink on the background with the computer.

Avec Flickr je fais partie du groupe “Julia Kay’s portrait party” ou des artistes font le portrait des uns et des autres d’après photos. Lisbeth est mon 100e.

Avec ce portrait j’ai finalement découvert que je pouvais utiliser la méthode qui m’inspire sans me soucier des règles apprises.

J’ai commencé le dessin de base avec ma main gauche, main non dominante, ajouté les ombres et détails avec ma main droite, puis ajouté une touche de rose sur le fond avec l’ordinateur.

15 thoughts on “100 portraits

  1. congratulations Benedicte Delachanal, on your 100 portraits. that’s a very cool milestone.

    i especially like your discovery revelation. yeah! this to me is where we really become our self. doing it our own way. i’d say after 100 portraits you deserve the reward of doing it your way – any way you want to do it, especially in finding out what happens when you explore Your process. imo – this kind of risk taking is how we push the edges of creativity and create fully awakened. cool on that.

    fun on this portrait.

    • Hi Wrick, thank you very much.
      I agree with you, our way, our process, our exploration is our creativity. It seems obvious that I should use what ever works for me. Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to assimilate.
      Thanks again for your visit and comment.
      No aloha today, you moved?

  2. bwahahahahahaha. aloha Benedicte Delachanal – no. still here on the island. it was probably just the early AM hours. i dont think what it indicates on my post to me is the actual time it was here when i posted. ha.

    sometimes the things we learn need to be brought up to our awareness more than a few times, until it becomes part of our inner actions as well as our outer actions. …or vice-versa. i think the more you reinforce it the more it will become part of the way you work – i think that’s how it works for me.

    …that said of course… i like the Buddhist concept (i recently came across in another context – again) that when we recognize we are in a routine, it’s time to accept/acknowledge that we are in that routine and then step into something different and new.

    the thinking (as i understand it) being that habitual routine is too formulaic and focus becomes action that is done half asleep. the ideal is to act – or do – fully awake. stepping into the new and unknown helps awaken us in our doing. …at least that is my understanding of it.

    imo – you work out of awakeness far more than the half asleepness. which is one of the things i think i like in your work. cool on that, cool on your process and explorationing too.

    …and yeah. aloha with fun on you. bwahahahahahahaha – “you moved?” bwahahahahahahaha. nope. i like it here. it’s 80 degrees today. tough but i’ll keep at it, even if i have to mow the lawn again in another week or so…

  3. Bonjour Wrick,
    sorry to respond so late, I am starting to hibernate, freezing rain this morning, snowflakes this afternoon…aloha is a word that bring me sunshine and warmth. (80 degrees you would be cooked here, we are in celsius in Canada)
    Thank you for your respond, packed with so many interesting things.
    I particularly like : when you know you are in a routine, change. But as you say you have to be and stay alert to realize that.
    Enjoy the good weather, and merci beaucoup,

    • aloha Benedicte Delachanal – not to worry, responings are respondings. and heck. sometimes things slip by me altogether. yeah, i know about hibernating, especially this time of year. . . snow or sun. altho i’ll pass along the aloha and sunshine and warmth – it was sunny and warm enough to go to the beach today. so i drew in the sand. 80 degrees F. is about 26.6 degrees Celsius. that’s about what it was today too – altho it’s raining a bit now and 75 F. or 23.9 C. yeah, changing the routine up helps keep one on their toes. . . even if they are in the sand. so it was fun to draw in the sand. may be i’ll do something with the photos at some point too. fun. light the fire and roast marshmallows. even if it’s a fire place fire. . . you can always make smore’s. bwahahahahaha. aloha.

  4. It’s impressive that you did this with your non dominant hand.
    I cant even write my name with mine. lol
    This piece has a moody feel about it and guess what, i like moody artwork

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