200 portraits.

arsaytoma main gauche couleur Miss Embe for JKPP Skii-2 Manuel Sal Navarro Paulien-Maria2

Left-hand, right-hand, digital, traditional paper, marker, pencil, watercolor, i-pod or photoshop portraits.

Almost a year ago I was at a 100 portraits. I was so amazed to have been able to do it, (100 portraits)  thinking that I had graduated from 101 portraits making!

This year, after 200 portraits, I have the feeling that the tiny steps I do forward make the goal more and more far away!

The more you know, the less you know.

Il y a un an, j’étais à mon 100e portrait, étonnée d’arriver là et pensant avoir passer le niveau maternelle dans l’art du portrait (100 portraits).

Cette année, avec mon 200e, j’ai l’impression que plus j’avance plus le but s’éloigne.

Plus on en sait, moins on en sait.


8 thoughts on “200 portraits.

  1. Congratulations for doing so many portraitis – amazing – and using so many mediums 🙂 you are so talented Benedicte – I know what you mean about the more you know the less you know – haha – I feel that way about writing poetry (but it is all fun in the process, so who cares).

    • thank you Gabrielle, I enjoy so much doing portrait, I am lucky to be part of the Julia Kay’s portrait party were I can draw so many supportive and talented artist.
      Very true, the process of going trough all these steps is fun.

  2. blah. lost my entire comment because i went to look up the name of the lower right portrait. blah. should have copied it. i thought it would be here when i came back.

    okay. well. in short – the cycle of learning seems to me to be up. plateau. up. plateau. but in each different material we are at a different place. even tho i think it’s good to work in the materials you want to work in…

    that lower right portrait – Paulein-Maria (i’m not going to go look to see if i got the name right) – is powerful and has a lot of really good stuff going on in it. way cool. – aloha.

    • Hi Rick,
      very frustrating to have comment lost in cyberspace,
      thank you very much for posting again!
      I agree with you, learning is in plateau, and sometimes it feels like I am stuck on the same plateau!
      I often wonder why I change medium and cannot stick to one. They all bring me different sensations and make me progress in all the mediums, and also it makes me think more in global terms rather that for a specific medium.
      Got that name ok! thank you again.

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