Yéééé…an award!

I received last week an award. The Edgar Degas  Award created by Aletha Kuschan for recognition of artist drawing 100 times the same subject. I had to savor this award for a while, to savor the fact that I drew a lot of portraits…yes I did! So thank you Aletha, I truly enjoy this award, and as Edgar would say: keep drawing!

La semaine dernière, j’ai reçu le prix Edgar Degas pour avoir dessiné 100 fois le même sujet. Il fallait que je déguste ce prix seule pendant un moment, que je déguste ce chiffre, 100 fois….oui, cent fois! Merci Aletha, j’ai beaucoup apprecié ce prix et comme le dirait Edgar: Dessinons!


8 thoughts on “Yéééé…an award!

  1. cheers! yeah. congratulations with aloha Benedicte Delachanal. yeah, a major-moment-pencil-mile marker achievement. …or… something along those lines.

    next up? …just watching.


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