Zen Brush versus Chinese Brush

When I need to modify a drawing done virtually  it is as simple as hitting the undo button or changing  the brush to the eraser, or adding a new layer.

In the real world, when I need to modify a drawing, the solutions are different. In this case, the beak went wrong, too much dispersion of the ink. I could add more black, tricky,  add white, tricky also or add colour.

Drawing, painting virtually or on real paper is the same  . It is all about planning and modifying the plan when it goes wrong.

ZenBrush is a drawing app for the ipod. Here’s some example . Chinese brushes are my favorites real brushes. Here’s some examples.

Quand je dois modifier un dessin virtuel, c’est aussi simple que  de taper “undo” ou de changer le pinceau à la gomme à effacer ou d’ajouter un calque.

Dans le monde réel, quand je dois modifier un dessin les solutions sont différentes. Dans ce cas-ci le bec n’allait pas, l’encre a dispérsé beaucoup trop. Je pouvais ajouter du noir, ou du blanc, opération délicate ou alors ajouter de la couleur.

C’est la même chose de dessiner, peindre virtuellement ou sur papier réel. C’est  planifier et changer le plan quand ça ne va pas.

Zenbrush est une app pour le ipod. Des examples ici. Le pinceau chinois est mon pinceau réel préféré. Des examples ici.


12 thoughts on “Zen Brush versus Chinese Brush

  1. Using the computer in one’s head and the program in the artist’s hands, you are one fantastic “technician” and a great ornithologist too! The bird(s) look tropical … can Canadian winter be far away?

    • Absolutely, winter is around the corner! This bird started as a small northern black bird and transformed as the ink was dispersing in a fat, funny looking one! I had to cheer him up, now he looks tropical
      Thank you Aletha.

  2. yeah. exploring and adapting on a work in progress is part of the fun, yes. sometimes adapting leads me into new discoveries. because of this, i’ve learned to enjoy that step in the process – i even look forward to it. from the look of it you are well versed in listening to your work and bringing it into a beautiful place. way cool on that.

    i would also like to add… that your app works and exploration – like the one you used on the raven a post or so ago – appeal to me greatly. i went looking for them but found i couldnt get them for my cintiq. that’s when i started exploring the brushes more in corel painter essentials 4, the program that came with the cintiq. so… i have you to thank for that spark. it’s what lead to “silent night” and some other things i havnt posted (yet). i appreciate your explorations in both real brush and digital brush. way fun. aloha –

    • Bonjour Rick,
      thank you for your comment, I agree with you, exploring and adapting is part of the process, a fun part. I am glad that I inspired you to explore your corel painter. These drawing programs are really amazing with all the possibilities they offer, I am looking forward to see your work.

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