Going through the list of EDM subjects, some got my attention right away like this one, #74: draw some clouds and write about them: ” Big white clouds always walk in gangs, one day a gang of elephants, one day a gang of snorers”

En regardant la liste des sujets EDM, certains m’ont tout de suite accrochée, comme le #74: dessiner des nuages et écrire quelquechose: “Les gros nuages blancs se promènent toujours en bande, un jour une bande d’éléphants, un jour une bande de ronfleurs.

7 thoughts on “Clouds…nuages

  1. thank you to all clouds fans.
    I am listening to the band ” jouant des nuages”. Beautiful Aletha.
    I used to watch Sesame Street with my sons so they could learn English, good memories.
    Alex, it is very zen to watch the clouds, we should all do it regularly.

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