Portrait, collage and iPad

I like as much to work on paper and on computer and iPad. They bring different possibilities as does any medium. I like working in both worlds, making collages from my scanned drawings, pastels, adding textures, enlarging details… I am revisiting portraits.

J’aime autant travailler sur papier que sur ordinateur et iPad. Comme tout support, chacun apporte des possibilités différentes. J’aime travailler dans ces deux univers, faire des collages de mes dessins, pastels, ajouter des textures, agrandir des détails…je revisite certains portraits.

la reine des mersl'imperatrice des foretsOceana


8 thoughts on “Portrait, collage and iPad

  1. I really love this series, Ben. These are the kinds of works that would look great in pastel, too. As you’ve noted before sometimes it’s easier to work with the medium when the imagery is already established.

    I love the colors and textures of these drawings and their tremendous freedom. Honestly, I was thinking too how fabulous these would look as oil paintings. Sometime perhaps you should give oil paint a try. It’s such a lovely medium. There are no rules for its use. Pastel is a good transition medium for oil paint. When you are super confident in pastel, the pastel can lead you very naturally into oil paint.

    In whatever medium, though, these are so marvelous!

    • Thank you Aletha. You always have good advices and I do listen to you 🙂
      I agree that when the subject is choosen, half of the job is done. I really enjoyed doing my series on coral and garden under the sea. I stopped mainly because I had reactions due to the dust.
      I will try pastel outside , to see if it is better.
      I feel more and more confortable with the idea of trying oils, the water base I think. Or oil pastels, as I understand there is no dust.
      I find it good to alternate though. When I do a series on the ipad or on paper, I am so focus on that idea that I cant think of anything else.
      Merci pour tous les bons conseils, Aletha.

      • No dust from oil pastels. I recommend Caran D’Ache Neopastels (a rich oil pastel). And the water soluble oil colors are a great way to experience oil painting. You can make your ideas into many forms and always gain something new.

      • Neocolors are wonderful used as crayons without wetting them. And the same company also makes oil pastels (the Neopastels I mentioned before). Many of the oil pastels on the market have low pigment loads but the Neopastels are wonderful — very expressive. You could get the small 12 set to try them out. The colors are very mixable. I’ve used the 12 set and gotten very good color results by mixing — but they also sell 92 count set which is my favorite. Kind of pricey, but I love them. The Neocolors you already have can give you an idea how the Neopastels work. It’s very similar only the Neopastels are softer and richer in effect.

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