Portrait revolution by Julia L. Kay

Inspiration from around the world for creating Art.

Inspiration du monde entier pour créer en Art.

I am thrilled and honored to be part of this wonderful book with two portraits I made for the Julia Kay’s Portrait Party, a vibrant group of artist on Flickr.

This book will be available early 2017 and can be pre-ordered on amazon


My contributions below.


Je suis heureuse et honorée de faire partie de ce magnifique livre avec deux portraits fait pour le Julia Kay’s Portrait Party, un groupe vibrant d’artistes sur Flickr.

Ce livre sera disponible  début de 2017 et peut-être réservé sur amazon

Ci-dessous mes contributions.




15 thoughts on “Portrait revolution by Julia L. Kay

      • pendants les annees, tu disait les choses comme ca (bien sur — merci pour le compliment) mais tu es d’une artiste accomplie toi-meme, Ben! I don’t think you realize how good your drawings are! they have such freedom and beauty and life. I always love your drawings.

      • Can I put 3 stars to this comment :))) I always doubt about my artistic capabilities, and I try not to think too much about it, some days are harder, and when I doubt too much I remind myself that I love the process, I love doing it, and I stop thinking about the result.
        thank you for your support for all these years et bravo pour ton français 🙂

      • Ben, you are such a silly goose! Your RESULTS are wonderful. Or else you are the sweetest, most humble artist ever. (I suspect the latter.) Humility is a very beautiful thing, too. Whatever you do, just keep doing it!! Quand je parle francais assez bien que tu dessin, je serai vraiment exceptionnelle! I don’t know if that day will ever arrive, when my French comes anywhere near the quality of your drawing — but I can dream at least!

      • yep a silly Canadian goose 🙂 You make me laugh and that is good. And yes I keep doing what ever I do. And you can go and tour France, or Quebec, and you ‘ll do just fine in French 🙂 gros bisous !

      • Canada goose! I never thought of that. Then you must fly here …! When I wrote “silly goose” I wondered to myself “will she know what I mean?” That expression is so old probably a lot of Americans wouldn’t get it. Something from my childhood watching old movies …. back in the innocent days! Bisous and biscotti to you!

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