Blue Warrior, paper, paper, paper

After the litlle animals in paper, I wanted to go further with the construction of a head. Paper is not as malleable as clay, so  for the details as the nose, mouth , ears I used a modeling material ” ModelMagic” by Crayola.

Après les petits animaux en papier, je voulais aller unpeu plus loin avec la construction d’une tête. Le papier n’est pas aussi malléable que l’argile, aussi j’ai utilisé une pâte à modeler ” Model Magic” par Crayola.


Below , a few steps to the final version of  the blue warrior.

Ci-dessous, quelques étapes pour la version finale du guerrier bleu.

head paper 2head paper painted 1


6 thoughts on “Blue Warrior, paper, paper, paper

  1. WOW! Ben, these are marvelous. What daring! It reminds me of Ousmane Sow — do you know his sculptures? He is a francophone has lived sometimes in France and born in Senegal.

  2. I realize now it is one sculpture … but “these” in regard to the different stages — like a late Matisse painting where all the many versions are covered by the one on top and only known afterwards by photography of the stages.

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