Etsy shop

My Etsy shop is open. I will add more things , for now I am selling postcards from some iPad drawings I made.

Click here to have a look: Benedictedelachanal etsy shop

Mon magasin Etsy shop est ouvert, pour le moment il y a des cartes postales de quelques dessins que j’ai fait su rle iPad.

Cliquez ici pour y aller: Benedictedelachanal etsy shop

postcard colour postcards bl and wh


4 thoughts on “Etsy shop

  1. fantastic news Ben 🙂 (ps. I’ve been trying to comment on your blog but my computer is so slow it has taken me forever – pc will get better on the 19th when my download limit goes back up – life in the country!) I’ll pop over to your shop when my pc lets me 😀 cheers Gabrielle B

    • Hi Gabrielle, thank you very much,
      not much for th emoment in my shop but I will add things it and see how it goes.
      yes, I know how frustrating it is when it is so slow, better go outside and enjoy the view 🙂

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