3 minutes portraits

Timing myself to draw in  3 minutes a portrait enables me to go to the essential quickly. Some portraits are done before the time is out, some slightly after. I am happy with some of them, and not so happy with others but I like this exercise, a bit like walking fast, no time for annoying thoughts, just the next step…

En me donnant 3 minutes pour faire un portrait, cela me permet d’aller à l’essentiel. Certains portraits sont finis avant, d’autres un peu après les 3 minutes. J’en aime certains et d’autres moins mais j’aime beaucoup cet exercice. C’est un peu comme marcher a un rythme soutenu, pas le temps de penser à autre chose qu’au prochain pas…

3 mn portrait



3 mn portrait



3 mn portrait 3 mn portrait 3 mn portrait 3 mn portrait


8 thoughts on “3 minutes portraits

  1. aloha Benedicte. i like that you’ve chosen to work in the book upside down. that had not occurred to me until i saw it here. i like it because the visual of the text and texture is still there but the distraction to get caught up in reading when viewing is minimized. i like that a lot. i can then focus on the image you create. beautiful. and way fun. aloha.

      • ha. yes, exactly. it’s fun to work on some of these surfaces. and how can you beat free?

        i think the more papers we work (good, bad and superior) the better our understanding and the better we can actually work on the bad or good or superior.

        of course the bottom line is that fun. if you like doing it. do it more. way cool. aloha.

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