A chair is a chair

August is my chair month, drawing a chair everyday. Drawing again and again the same subject is far from boring, it is in fact what drawing is about:  looking with a fresh look at the same subject and discovering new details each time.

Aout est le mois de la chaise, je dessine une chaise chaque jour. Dessiner encore et encore le même sujet est loin d’être ennyuant, c’est en fait ce que c’est que de dessiner: regarder le même sujet avec un regard neuf et découvrir de nouveaux détails chaque fois.

Photo 2013-08-12 4 15 39 PMPhoto 2013-08-14 8 48 19 AMPhoto 2013-08-22 9 02 17 AMPhoto 2013-08-21 10 20 18 AMPhoto 2013-08-15 4 29 23 PMPhoto 2013-08-09 11 18 39 AMPhoto 2013-08-16 5 00 10 PMPhoto 2013-08-14 4 22 35 PM


18 thoughts on “A chair is a chair

  1. Definitely not boring – so beautiful, especially with some colour – the third one is my favourite. Have you considered doing desks and bookcases – that would make me very happy – hahaha. Hard to believe you do these drawing on an ipad.

    • desks and bookcases would be interesting, but I need models, I have quite a few chairs at home but not that many bookcases 😉 or I could look for famous writers desks…lots of new ideas, thank you Gabrielle.
      Have you tried yet a drawing app?

      • I have a few favs, Zenbrush, very simple like painting with a brush, no layers, one undo, can change the backgrounds.
        Artstudio, a lot to explore, several layers, brushes, colours, can be very complex
        Procreate, similar to artstudio
        you might like Calligraphy which enables you to practice calligraghy but you can also draw , see my last chair in flickr.
        the list can be long…there are some simpler like finngrpro, limited colours and brushes.
        let me know what you are choosing 🙂

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