Museum sketching

Urban sketching, museum sketching is the same, it is public sketching. And when sketching in public I have to concentrate more on my sketching and try to ignore the public part.

Sketch urbain, sketch au musée c’est la même chose, c’est dessiner en public. Et quand je dessine en public je dois me concentrer plus sur le dessin et essayer de faire abstraction de la partie publique.

Horse head




13 thoughts on “Museum sketching

  1. aloha Benedicte, yes, focus is always the key, public or private. it’s just another level of challenge in public, yet very doable. the light, line, shape, volume, values you have going in the lower left urn (I know there is a name for this thing I just can’t remember it) is beautiful. I like that a lot. excellent (imo). aloha

      • yeah, i suspect as with a lot of things, practice and familiarity help us gain skill and relax and that becomes our normal even when we are sharply focus on what we are doing. cool things, these human being creatures. fun.

  2. I think it must be a wonderful pastime – I’ve seen people drawing in the Sydney Botanic Gardens and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC, and think it must be wonderful to sit in a public place and draw- it is a good conversation starter (I can’t draw so I wouldn’t try, and writing poetry in public doesn’t generate the same interest ;-))

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