Making a series

a series of monotype on garden


Working on the same paper, same format and same technique lets me be creative. It is after viewing them side by side that I realised I had a series starting.

Travailler sur le même papier, même format, même technique me laisse libre de créer.  C’est  apres les avoir mis cote a cote que j’ai réalisé que je commençais une série.


13 thoughts on “Making a series

      • I peaked at your August one-a-day drawings with the zen brush app, which is still one of my favorite digital apps to work with, and enjoyed your chairs. another series?? way fun. outstanding use of that app and way beautiful works.

      • Thank you, Zenbrush is one of my fav too 🙂
        I like these opportunities like drawing in August, it is a good way for me to get going on an idea, the chair no 1 was not supposed to be a series but by chair no3 I saw the benefit of drawing chairs for a month so it is a series now.

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