Ku On This: KOT# 017–2013 ~ Two Butterflies (Now with a Focus)

Photo 2013-04-01 10 00 59 AM


In response to Ku on this at 19 Planets art blog

Orange flicker

in vibrating heat

butterfly flight





8 thoughts on “Ku On This: KOT# 017–2013 ~ Two Butterflies (Now with a Focus)

  1. aloha and very cool Benedicte. beautiful image and the ku works well in the sense of the focus for this KOT.

    i also like the handwriting of your ku. altho i will tell you what i was told just so you’ll also know: at one time i was told by an authority (a true master—which i am not) that both the image, and the ku should be clear in the sense that it can be easily read and known what is being depicted or said. that is the words themselves should be easily read, not something that has to be figured out (altho for me sometimes i like that quality of “having to figure and puzzle” it out).

    in that sense i think the image works well. and the ku itself works well too. the handwriting was what this authority was telling me i needed to make “more easily read” —so i’m passing that thought on to you. it’s something i do try to create now, that clarity (i dont always succeed). however i also like the line quality that is created in your handwriting as you have it here. part of me still likes that “puzzle aspect” or mystery. so i think it is a choice we can make.

    another concept of ku in haiga (and i know you have not called this haiga) which can be different than the concept of ku in etegami is how directly or indirectly the ku and image refer to each other and connect. it’s just something you can watch for so that you distinguish between ku in haiga or ku in etegami (altho many people do not make this distinction and refer to any haiku on an image as haiga). of course in your work in this case of “visual poem” —a term i like a lot, you can clearly follow the path you determine is appropriate, imo.

    i like what you are doing with these responses a lot. way fun. aloha.

  2. aloha Rick.
    thank you very much.
    I like to understand things, and how it works and you are explaining very well the rules and tips on ku, haiga.
    I understand very well what you say about the handwriting. It is a balance I have not reached between the esthetic of handwriting and the readability ( should read clearly). I have to work on that. I like handwriting, and also the fact that the reader might not get it instantly. Like in a painting, everything is not clear, it is up to the viewer to make his own opinion.
    I enjoy playing with words and visuals but I am an outsider. I cannot follow all the rules, but I have a great admiration for people who can do it. Years and years of practice.
    Specially when it comes to an art that is from an other culture. I feel even more an outsider. I can do a vey pale and distant imitation but it does not run in my blood if you understand what I mean.
    I had the same feeling when doing sumi-e. I was not too bad, my Japanese teacher told me, but there too I could not follow the rules because they had no sense for me. The way we think is highlly influence by our culture and our language, in my opinion any way.
    I hope my visual poems and other things I do reflect this, an occidental artist loving oriental art.

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