300 and something…


I remember, when I joined the Julia Kay’s portrait party , the fear and anxiety of making portraits. I remember, when I reached a hundred , the surprise and joy of having done so many. The joy and surprise are still there with my 300 and something portrait, I do not count anymore.

Je me souviens, quand j’ai commencé à faire des portraits avec le groupe de Julia Kay, de la peur et de l’anxiété que cela me donnait. Je me souviens, au centième portrait, de la surprise et de la joie du chemin parcouru. La surprise et la joie demeure avec mon 300 et quelque portrait, je ne compte plus.


4 thoughts on “300 and something…

    • Could be, there are some that I do not post at all, the 300 is from my flickr file for the portrait party.
      Anyway, I am so pleased to be part of the party and be able to do so many portraits.
      thank you Maureen.

  1. What a fantastic achievement. Remember what Degas said? Well, you far exceeded his advice. And your internet friends are definitely astonished by both your productivity and by the beauty of these works. Bravo!

    • Yes I do, and I agree, practice is good, mentally or in real. The party lets me experiment with so many style and medium and my victims are always so gracious, never complaining!
      Merci beaucoup Aletha.

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