Shadow mailbox / ku on this



by the shadow mailbox


for a post dead or alive

A l’ombre de la boite aux lettres / attendre / un message mort ou vif

In response of Rick “ku on this” post

ink drawing in sketchbook, reworked in photoshop


7 thoughts on “Shadow mailbox / ku on this

  1. aloha Benedicte. this is beautiful gem. and a great response. personally i might consider this haiga (which is a fine response too).

    would you like me to see if i can alter your link? when i clicked on it in the Mister Linky, i was taken to your Mona Lisa work. which is cool too. . . .

    you are on a new blog theme. cool. how do you like it? aloha

    • Aloha! Thank you very much. As I told you before, I enjoy a lot writing and posting my efforts but I know my limits. I have been reading on haiga and poetry and it is an art requiring a lot of practice, I am just enjoying playing with words. Thanks again for your oportunities to do so.
      Yes, please , for fixing the link. I must have made a booboo or M. linky is in love with Mona Lisa! Thank you again. Au revoir.

    • Forgot about my new theme.
      I am trying new approaches. I like the look of the first page, like a gallery. But not so sure about clicking on the post, and also all the widgets info are just on the about page, which I do not like. So. Not sure of keeping it…

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