Ku on this, a black palm tree.

Photo 2013-02-13 2 58 31 PM


Procreate app on Ipad, in response to Ku on this at Rick’s blog

In the blizzard     a black palm tree    neon failure

Dans le blizzard   un palmier noir    neon défaillant


The idea is to write a few lines, a short poem, inspired from Rick’s image. We were in very cold days. With or with out the wind factor, it was very cold. I replied to Rick that my brain was frozen, specially with the image of a palm tree. Eventually, as the temperature got better, my brain got better too.

L’idée, ici, est d’écrire quelques lignes, un court poème, inspiré par l’image que Rick met sur son blog. Il faisait très froid ici. Vraiment très froid avec ou sans facteur éolien. J’ai répondu à Rick que mon cerveau était gelé, surtout avec l’image d’un palmier. Et puis la température s’est amélioré et mon cerveau aussi.



8 thoughts on “Ku on this, a black palm tree.

  1. wow.

    i mean, aloha Benecicte. i like this a lot. the image is way up there as all your work is. the ku is a gem. have you been studying up on haiku? that is a great twist with that third line—one of the core elements of haiku (imo). it sheds a new perspective (and surprise) on all that had gone before in the ku. way cool.

    yeah, freeze time any time with the prompts and bring what ever comes up with a thaw when it happens. i like that. mahalo for playing and fun on you. aloha.

    p.s. and warmer tempts for you too. . . .

    • Woah! Your comment and Gabrielle comment touch me very much, you are both professional, poets, writers …thank you.
      As I said on your blog, I appreciate a lot that you give the opportunity to non-writers to try it publicly, as Gabrielle has done it too. Very cool yo both!

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