Snow is rarely white

Snow is rarely white


Done on the ipad, fingerpainted, with Auryn ink app / fait sur le ipad avec l’app Auryn ink.


Snow is rarely white,  water is rarely transparent. Snow can be bright yellow, tender pink, shocking mauve, pearl grey, you just have to look at it closely.

La neige est rarement blanche, l’eau est rarement transparente. La neige peut aller du jaune brillant au gris perle en passant par le rose tendre ou  mauve agressif. Il faut juste bien regarder.


4 thoughts on “Snow is rarely white

  1. aloha Benedicte – that’s a great observation about snow. yeah, i like that color of snow too. i think it’s the value that is important with snow and the surroundings. if that relationship is right the snow can be every color of the rainbow and the internet too.

    i like this app too. you have some great apps. i’ve found i cant upload a lot of them now because my iPad OS is 4+ and many apps now require 5+ or higher. (i cant update my iPad OS because my computer OS is too old. bwahahahahaha—i’m hoping to get a new computer this year and then i may be able to update my iPad2).

    way fun on your exploration of apps and digital painting and drawing.

    fun on. aloha.

    • Hi Rick, thank you. It can be surprising to people who have never see snow to understand how colourfull it is, but even some people here dont see it!
      I love all these apps and digital art but I get frustrated by the marketing part,
      always upgrading, buying etc…

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