Negative and positive space

Cave painting 5

Cave painting 6


Ipad drawing with Zenbrush app.

Working  these images makes my mind switch from negative to positive space. Where is the subject, where is the space around the subject, are the contour lines white or black?

En travaillant ces images je navigue entre espace positif et négatif. Où est le sujet, où est l’espace autour du sujet, les lignes de contour sont-elles blanches ou noires?



8 thoughts on “Negative and positive space

  1. aloha Benedicte. oh. oh. oh. i like this. i may have to try this too. these are fun and way perceptive. that cat is a gem.

    have you tried printing these through photo labs? some are quite reasonable and the archival numbers are good too. most (okay maybe it’s “many” not most) photo places now do all their printing with digital technology even when people bring in film.

    i’m doing more and more thinking and doing of that kind of interchange with digital work and paper and paint. printing the digital work so i can layer it into/onto watercolor or other paper and then work that too. sometimes i fit into the photo sizes several different images that i can then crop and cut the way i want to work it into an image on paper. . . way fun.


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