Cave painting




I call them cave paintings because they are made in the same way, taking advantage of pre-existing marks. In cave paintings, like the one in Lascaux, the artists took advantage of the shape of the wall, the textures and the marks already there, seing in them animals and hunters and just emphasizing the contours.
In these drawings I did some random marks without thinking at a particuliar subject and then looking at the positive and negative spaces, images emerged, I had just to define them a bit more.

Je les apelle des peintures de caves ou de grottes, parcequ’elles sont faites de la même manière, en prenant avantage de marques pré-existentes. Les artistes de Lascaux ont pris avantage des reliefs des murs, de leur texture, des marques dejà là, y voyant des animaux et des chasseurs et ne faisant que renforcer leurs contours.
Dans ces dessins j’ai fait des tâches au hazard sans penser à un sujet particulier. En regardant les espaces négatifs et positifs, des images ont émergés. Je n’ai plus eu qu’a les definir un peu plus.


14 thoughts on “Cave painting

  1. The first one would be awesome as a large (about 1.2m x 1.5m) print. Really funky. PS – my niece loved your “dogs” I have the B&W one framed and up, and will get the other done next month. 🙂

  2. So that’s how you did it! Michael is doing cave painting in art at his new school this week – he loves it. I really like the idea of using the pre-existing details and contours of the rock (or your marks in this case) 🙂

    • I was not very clear, I wanted to say that I used the word in a way it is not used, if you refer to cave painting to art teachers, they will understand it as prehistoric art and not drawing from abstract forms,
      did’nt want you to start an argument with the art teacher 😉

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