The Master’s Brush



The Master’s brush

to paint

Mona Lisa’s mustache

In response to “ku on this”  from   Rick at ” a 19 planets Art Blog”.

To remind me that Art is about audacity, going into new places, facing my fears,  having fun and not taking things to seriously.

Le pinceau du Maitre

pour peindre

la moustache de Mona Lisa

En réponse a Rick du blog ” a 19 planets Art Blog” pour le “ku on this”

Pour me rappeler que l’Art est audacité, exploration, confrontation de ses peurs.  Et aussi s’amuser et ne pas prendre les choses trop sérieusement. 



16 thoughts on “The Master’s Brush

  1. aloha Benedicte – this is so fun. wow, what a response—with brush. very cool. an ear to ear grin. and way bwahahahahahaha.

    usually i’m waiting to look at responses until after i post mine. and i usually wait to post mine till others have posted theirs. however as you mentioned the Mr. Linky seemed slow i thought i’d follow it through the process (and i have my response—or at least one response) completed. it did seem slow, but i think it’s up to speed now. your link and one other is there (altho i think the first one was intended for another prompt). i appreciate you noting the slow response tho. just in case there is something i can do of course.

    wow, i think i’m going to like the responses that come in for this one. yours is terrific.

    way cool. and fun on. – all seriousness aside. . . . well. mostly aside that is. aloha.

    • Thank you very much Rick, you are fast! I am pleased that you liked my Mona Lisa’s mustache.
      I could not figure out if the Mr Linky was working or not, so I am glad to hear that it did work.
      I will look the other ku, specially yours.

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