The Writer’s Desk

This morning I saw on Beeblu’s blog her answer to a contest about the writer’s desk on SLW.

I am not a writer, I do not have ritual and I do not know what exactly trigger me to draw or write but this contest just did it.




My studio is in my head

the view is great

palmtrees, turquoise ocean and himalayan mountains.

I can draw, write, sing in it

even in the darkest night,

or in a train,

or walking,

and sometimes

my muse drops by…

Ce matin j’ai vu la réponse de Beeblu a un concours de SLW sur le bureau de l’écrivain.

Je n’écris pas, je n’ai pas de rituel et je ne sais jamais ce qui va déclencher le désir d’écrire ou de dessiner, mais c’est ce que ce concours a fait.

Mon studio est dans ma tête, il y a une belle vue, des palmiers, l’océan turquoise et des montagnes himalayennes.

je peux y dessiner, y écrire, y chanter , même au plus profond de la nuit la plus noire,

ou dans un train, ou en marchant et quelquefois ma muse me rend visite…




17 thoughts on “The Writer’s Desk

  1. aloha Benedicte – excellent response (imo). and fun too.

    i like prompts because they take me out of my comfort pattern. they challenges me in ways i wouldnt typically bring to myself on my own. at least i think a good prompt does this. it also invites and is exciting to think about too. much as this one was for you i suspect.

    cool on playing and responding. fun on. aloha.

  2. So happy to connect with you via Nancy’s writing desk challenge.:)
    I LOVE your poem and illustrations…they look like a beautiful children picture book in the style of ‘The Little Prince’…how awesome!!!

  3. Your drawing and poem are both magical. I was transported by them to my perfect drawing/painting/writing/singing/reading/musing desk inside my mansion of thought (with a lovely garden outside)!

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