A notebook

Modern technologies…they bring us so much. I would have never dreamed of having a book with my works!

With Blurb I did a notebook, with some of my works , and blank pages to be filled. You can have a preview here:

A notebook by Bénédicte

Les technologies modernes…elle nous apportent tant. Je n’aurais jamais rêvé avoir un livre avec mes dessins!

Avec Blurb, j’ai fait un calepin, avec quelque uns de mes dessins et des pages vierges à remplir. Vous pouvez avoir un aperçu ici:

Un calepin par Bénédicte

A Notebook


4 thoughts on “A notebook

  1. aloha and wow Benedicte. very cool. i like the way you set that up – as well as the images in it too.

    this has to be one big fun funny, because—i am now waiting for my blurb book to arrive. yeah, i just did the first of what i’ve been saying i’d do for a long time. it’s ordered and due to arrive by the end of this week. i decided to see what it looks like before i make it public tho. it’s on haiga. like a picture book of haiga.

    so. i’m very curious about your book—have you tried drawing/painting/working in it yet? that was an idea i had for one i do eventually too. i wanted to see what the pages were like before i committed to it tho.

    do you like the book? anything you learned on this one that you’d do in a different way on another one? (these are questions i’m looking to answer for myself with my book too).

    very cool. 80 pages is a good number. mine is smaller – 40 pages. it’s a different dimension than yours.

    so, yeah, very fun and funny too. i saw your book said published February 2012. i think mine will be December 10, 2012.

    way fun book. aloha.

  2. Hi Rick,
    by this time you must have received your book. It is a wonderful feeling to see our work in a book, dont you think?
    Were you pleased?
    I have not kept one for me, I did it as a present but I will order one for me, I dont know if I will draw in it, probably write, I will see!

    I like the book, specially having dne it as a notebook, I like the idea of people doing something with it , getting interactive with me in a way.


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