How to think outside of the box? How to get back in the box? How to know when we are in the box, or outside of the box?

Comment penser librement? Comment penser comme tout le monde? Comment savoir si on pense librement ou comme tout le monde?


6 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. La solution est de dessiner une boite; tu va aller dedans, puis tu t’échappe! On a besoin de ta propre boîte, de l’entrer ou de la sortir de à volonté — évidemment, on a besoin d’être un artiste!

  2. aloha Benedicte – yeah, good questions all. i dont know if i’m outside of the box or not. maybe i’m outside of my box but not the box of someone else? if i am outside of the box tho, i think i’ll just carry the box with me under my arm and peek in it every so often if i want to know what is there. i’m not sure i want to get back in it tho. i might now be able to get back out of it if i did. or. maybe i’ll just tuck the box away up in the attic. that way i’ll know where it is if i want it. . . .

    fun thinking. aloha.

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