How to draw a seashell


This dialogue is inspired by beeblue challenge, finding out the funniest or weirdest search terms for your blog and creating a poem or artwork.
Nothing too funny for my blog but a persistent search for “How to draw a seashell”.
The following dialogue during a seashell portrait session is  imaginary and any resemblance to any seashell is pure coincidence.

Seashell: I always wanted to have my portrait done and I love love love your work, would you draw me?
Me: Ok, I will give it a try but you must stay still, no moving, no talking while you are posing.
Seashell: Sure, no problem for me, I am good at not moving.

After a minute or so,
Seashell: Are you done yet?
Me: No, it’s only a minute I’ve been drawing!
Seashell: a minute! It seems like an hour!
Me: I will keep it simple and not too long, try to meditate or think at your days on the beach and no talking.

After a little while,
Seashell: snoaring…ZZZZZZ
Me: There, I am done
Seashell looking: hum….quite nice. But am I that long, that curved, that wrinkled, why black and sepia, what is that shape… this isn’t me….

So, this is for the artists wanting to draw a seashell, do not search, just take a seashell, put it in front of you and draw. I can assure you that the seashell will be very pleased by your effort and will pause for you without a complaint.


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