Monotype. Monoprint




I came across Degas’s monotypes this summer and was stunned by the intensity and strength of his images.

The technique is quite simple and like any technique requires some experimentation and trials. The drawing is painted on a clean non porous surface, metal, wood, glass, then one print, sometimes two is made by applying paper to the surface.

Cet été j’ai découvert les monotypes de Degas et j’ai été frappée par l’intensité et la force de ses images.

La technique est simple et comme toute technique demande de faire des essais, de la recherche. Le dessin est peint sur une surface non poreuse, métal, bois, verre puis une impression, peut-être deux est faite en appliquant le papier à la surface 



4 thoughts on “Monotype. Monoprint

  1. Your discovery of Degas’s monotypes is astonishing!! Wow, every artist should make such powerful images upon a first discovery of a new technique. Degas is smiling — let me tell you, Ben, at his great-great-grand-artist! Bravo. The girl with braids — especially is so expressive.

    • The smile of Degas is a very nice image Aletha. I red that Degas encourage a lot one of his daughter and always telling her to paint HER vision. Keeping that in mind I hope Degas would be smiling at my trials.
      thank you and nice to see you back.

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