One, two, three…draw.

Taking a break is good, but as the break  get longer, it seems difficult to get back into full  swing. Questions like  why blogging, why drawing and who cares appears . The best  for me is to join without a thought. One , two, three…draw.

C’est bon de s’arrêter mais quand le temps s’étire, cela semble difficile de reprendre. Des questionnements surgissent: pourquoi bloguer, pourquoi dessiner et qui ça interesse? Le mieux pour moi c’est d’y aller sans penser. Un, deux, trois…dessine.


4 thoughts on “One, two, three…draw.

  1. And what a wonderful drawing to begin with — is such a delight to see your drawing again — even if it means the end of a vacation. Must say, though, that your drawing looks like a “vacation” — very relaxing, so much like a little quarter of paradise!

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