The medium dictates the style

The medium dictates the style. A ball point pen is good to draw lines, all sort of lines, fast and precise.

Le medium impose le style, stylo bille pour des lignes, toutes sortes de lignes, rapide et précis.

A brush is good for lines, for plan of colour, for shading.

Un pinceau pour des lignes, des plans de couleurs, des dégradés.



5 thoughts on “The medium dictates the style

  1. Oh — now I see it’s all one post (not at my own computer) — my comment above was about the brush drawing. And the other of cats and the girl giving us that very straightforward look — that is so very different in feeling. I think having the different images so near each other adds meaning too — of cats and the girl — that seem related somehow — and that, no doubt, is a different story.

    I feel like I’m seeing a French film!

    What fun images. It’s like there’s three artists here….

    • thank you for both comments Aletha, I reduces the 2nd drawing, so it would fit on the same page.
      Yes, it is exactly what I think, the medium brings a style but also an atmosphere. Maybe that is what differentiate the very good from the average. A very good artist would not let the medium dictates, he would tame the medium?

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