Drawing with a blue ballpoint pen

I follow Aletha’s blog. I like to look at her art and read her thoughts on art. Lately, she had been drawing with a ballpoint pen, always blue, and have made beautiful drawings.

So, I had to try and just loved it! The ballpoint glides silently, smoothly, can leave very subtle lines or deep strong marks, and it is so easy to carry around. Thank you Aletha!

Je suis le blog de Aletha et j’aime regarder son art et lire son avis sur l’art. Dernièrement elle a dessiné avec un stylo bille, toujours un bleu, et a fait de magnifiques dessins.

Alors, il fallait que j’essaie et j’ai adoré! Le stylo bille glisse silencieusement, sans accroc,  peut laisser des lignes subtiles aussi bien que de fortes marques, et c’est si facile à avoir sous la main. Merci Aletha!



7 thoughts on “Drawing with a blue ballpoint pen

  1. Wow! This is the kind of influence I want my blog to have! Hurray for you and for the blue ball point pen too! Aren’t they great? The standard cheap Bic pen is especially wonderful. I started getting them when my daughter’s teacher specified (for whatever reason) that they couldn’t use gel pens for class assignments. And I started using it for drawing and just fell in love with it. Such subtle lines and yet you can go really dark with it too. I love it when a fabulous artist’s material turns out to be both inexpensive and easily available — makes life a lot simpler — after all there’s plenty of expensive and hard to find stuff already! Bravo, I wish you and your pen many drawing adventures. Trust me, you don’t know (and neither do I) half the stuff one can do with those pens. They are super pens.

    • Thanks Aletha. Yes, ballpoint pens are great tools, I used to love the fine black markers but now they have serious competition!
      I am going to look at different brand, as you say for different shades of blue.

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