The mind 11, 12 and 13

the mind 11


the mind 12


the mind 13


Is it a coincidence that no. 13 is an unplugged tv? My mind is getting too compulsive with this series, I have to move on for a while.

Coincidence que le no. 13  soit une télé débranchée? Cette série devenant un peu trop obsédante, je vais aller me rafraichir les idées.


9 thoughts on “The mind 11, 12 and 13

  1. Number 2 would make a wonderful Bon Voyage card, and number 3 makes me think of a friend who went on holiday recently, leaving all her electronic gadgetry, including her phone, at home in the safe

    • Thank you BB. No 13 represents, for me, a mind that is consciencely not listening to the brouhaha of the world, the vanity of the society. The vanity is represented by the greek pilar-pedestal, the society is the tv and the free mind is in the unplugged plug.
      It has been real fun to hear all your comments.

  2. I love each of these. And your commentary on No 13 is super. Getting free of the vanity and freeing the mind … sounds good to me! I think No 11 is my favorite of this group. Looks kind of scary, but I think the boat makes a safe landing and riding that wave is pretty awesome.

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