The mind 8

The mind 8

Drawing an image is different than writing, and I think that it reveals things more accurately. In this series, I am drawing the mind of different people, as I imagine it. I have not drawn my own mind, it will be for later.

C’est différent de s’exprimer par le dessin ou par des mots et je pense que le dessin révèle plus de choses. Dans cette série, j’ai dessiné l’esprit de certaines personnes, comme je l’imagine. Je n’ai pas encore dessiné le mien, ce sera pour plus tard

18 thoughts on “The mind 8

  1. I really like this one, a double take as I put a proposal into a School this week to make a Sculpture very like it, crazy signs pointing all over the place, I want to use bright jungle colours like 3-D snakes and ladders but the School prefer natural materials which will still be fun, a Flintstones New York street sign!!

  2. This one is me. How did you get inside my mind, Ben?? Especially the “this way” that is upside down and the “maybe” — gosh, so me.
    You have done a portrait of the inside of my brain. Did you see a set of keys in there while you were looking around?? Madame Freud!!

  3. I don’t know Aletha but I think I’ve found her keys! This oneis definitely one I can relate to!

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