The mind 5, 6, 7

Drawing an image is different than writing, and I think that it reveals things more accurately. In this series, I am drawing the mind of different people, as I imagine it. I have not drawn my own mind, it will be for later.

C’est différent de s’exprimer par le dessin ou par des mots et je pense que le dessin révèle plus de choses. Dans cette série, j’ai dessiné l’esprit de certaines personnes, comme je l’imagine. Je n’ai pas encore dessiné le mien, ce sera pour plus tard


8 thoughts on “The mind 5, 6, 7

  1. These psychological pictures really are evocative! Makes me wonder who they are! Would make an interesting story (a fictional story) to have them represent specific (invented) people. (Apart from the actual real people that have inspired them.)

  2. Wonderful – this series has got me trying to visualize, in a singular distinct image, the minds of people. Posts that make me think like this are the ones I enjoy the most

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