The mind 4

The mind 4

Drawing an image is different than writing, and I think that it reveals things more accurately. In this series, I am drawing the mind of different people, as I imagine it. I have not drawn my own mind, it will be for later.

C’est différent de s’exprimer par le dessin ou par des mots et je pense que le dessin révèle plus de choses. Dans cette série, j’ai dessiné l’esprit de certaines personnes, comme je l’imagine. Je n’ai pas encore dessiné le mien, ce sera pour plus tard.


6 thoughts on “The mind 4

  1. These mind drawings are going into some amazing directions. This one is so evocative for me. The picture looks like a prison and yet from its windows there is such an astonishingly beautiful view of the night sky and is as though the entire universe is visible through these small windows. As though the prison is thought but through the windows of the eyes one glimpses an “everything” that lies just beyond human perception.

    Wow! The light, the everything of this drawing, is so poetic.

  2. thank you Aletha. These little drawings have brought really interesting views. It is so interesting to see how we interpret , how we see, so uniquely. And when I try to say in words what the above drawing suggest, there are many different stories coming to my mind. The word world is more complicated than the visual world!

  3. Yes, lots of stories could come out of these pictures – I might have to use them as prompts for poems – could be an interesting series – I will ponder more (now my brain is starting to clear from the flu) 🙂 You’e very talented Benedicte and insightful (just don’t tell us who anyone is – haha)

    • So your brain picture is like a pool of fog? I will wait that it clears up for a wonderful series with Mind haiku to be paired with my illustrations.
      No, I wont tell who they are, I have to stay neutral! Thank you Gabe

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