Hou Hou!

Owl 1

Owl 2

Owl 3

Owl 4

Owl 5

Owl 6

A series on owl. Different type of paper and sizes. Styrocut, hand printed, retouched with inks.

Une série de hiboux. Différents papiers et dimentions. Gravé dans du styromousse, imprimé main, retouché avec des encres.


11 thoughts on “Hou Hou!

  1. Absolutely gorgeous Ben 🙂 I really love owls – I have a huge ceramic hand painted owl (which Shirl bought me) that sits on a branch attached to the wall in my office – I will take a photo of it and show you – haha – it’s like the owl is keeping an eye on me ;). I saved a beautiful white Powerful Owl one day that was being attacked by other birds – so soft and big, but unfortunately he died soon after getting him to the vet.

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