Samba series


8 by 10 inches (20 by 25cm), watercolour and ink. Aquarelle et encre.

Working on the Angry fish series reminded me of others series I did. The subject for the above series was the joy of dancing. Samba is the joy of dancing.

 La série des poissons pas contents m’a fait  repensé à d’autres séries que j’avais faites. Celle-ci avait pour sujet la joie de danser. La samba, c’est la joie de dancer.




11 thoughts on “Samba series

      • I love dancing but never had lessons or learnt the types of dance (except a couple at school) – really wished I’d had lessons as a child but my parents never offered to send me to them and I guess we couldn’t afford them, with having 4 kids – but was always the first dancing at parties or alone with my stereo – haha I love how on youtube you can look up lessons for just about anything – playing piano, dance etc.,

  1. Samba five is my favorite. They are very exuberant drawings. Maybe poisson pas content needs to samba! Then that fish will be pas content no more.

    • Thank you Aletha, I like it when people pick a favorite, to see if it is the same as mine. I like also Samba 5.
      Poisson pas content is definitely in need of expressing himself in other way than showing his teeth. Samba would be good!

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