Beware, Angry Fish has a family!

Angry Fish 1  

Angry Fish 2

Angry Fish 3

Ben la gribouille


I am always surprised at the results when I start a series in styrocut. The basic design is similar and the colours and treatment brings all the character to these little guys.

My favorite is the last one, my alter ego in fish world. The print did not go very well and I left it for a few days, then with a bit of anger I just went for it. I like this   splashy fish trying to impress even if it is not a good example of a good print.

Je suis toujours étonnée des résultats d’une série en styrocut. Le dessin de base est le même, et ce sont les couleurs et le traitement qui apportent tout le caractère a ces petits poissons.

Mon préféré est le dernier, mon alter ego dans le monde des poissons. L’impression n’a pas donné de bons résultats et je l’ai laissé pendant quelques jours.  Avec un peu de rage, je me suis jetée dessus. J’aime ce petit poisson éclaboussant, essayant d’impressioner la galerie même si il n’est pas le bon example de la bonne impression.


8 thoughts on “Beware, Angry Fish has a family!

  1. anger is passion, just negative. even so, it gave you the power to make a great angry fish! emotion has a large part to play in the making of art. I like the last one the most too 🙂

  2. These fish have such a Mycenaean look that I’m thinking you should do a pot — could be made of paper mache and then you could glue prints to its sides. It could be the “angry fish vase.” And they could swim round, as in Keats’s “Ode to a Grecian Urn,” and be — eternally angry — in a funny, fishy and innocent sort of way. You’re well on your way to having a “school” here. School of angry fish ….

  3. These are just brilliant – I love the second and last ones, in particular – the last one is so angry he looks as if he has a black paint-dot aura 🙂

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