Poster in Whistler

Congratulations to Dr. Grisell Vargas for her presentation of the creativity workshops at Whistler in May.

All works displayed are made by my students. A big hourra to all these talented artists. You can follow us at : coup de pinceau

Félicitations à Dr. Grisell Vargas pour sa présentation des ateliers de créativité à la conférence de Whistler en mai.

Toutes les peintures présentées sont faites par mes élèves, bravo a tous ces artistes pelin de talent. Vous pouvez nous suivre sur ce blog: coup de pinceau


6 thoughts on “Poster in Whistler

  1. Great poster Ben – good to get the information on the whole program – what a great idea and worthwhile – everyone involved is to be congratulated big time – chronic pain must be one of the most unbearable of conditions and anything that can be done to lighten the load is just fantastic – applause 🙂

    • thank you very much Gabrielle. Chronic pain is in itself a very difficult condition to endure, and the fact that it is not understood by others make it even more difficult.
      So a big applause to the patients and the team of the clinic, yes!

  2. Such a great way to help and be helped in a social connected environment. I would imagine that it’s immensely beneficial on a number of fronts – shared experiences with people who understand each other’s pain without focusing on the pain.

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