#sundayArt and PIFAL

There are many groups on the internet to get the imagination going. I joined two this week, sundayArt, and PIFA .

Why joining groups? For the fun, to meet others artists, to get to draw subjects I would not have thought of.

Why not come and join us?

Il y a beaucoup de groupes sur l’internet qui aident à exercer son imagination. J’en ai joint deux cette semaine, #sundayArt et PIFA.

Pourquoi faire partie de groupes? Pour le plaisir, pour rencontrer d’autres artistes, pour travailler sur des sujets auxquels je n’aurais pas penser.

Cela vous tente?

“People” for # sundayArt, Zenbrush on ipad

Modigliani for PIFAL, pen in sketchbook


Modigliani, Procreate app on iPad for PIFAL.


5 thoughts on “#sundayArt and PIFAL

      • oh. no worries about when you reply. i rarely reply right away but when i have time. sometimes it takes a while to get the time. i have looked into the two groups you mention here. i may try the SundayART. i’m not sure if i’ll follow up on that a lot. i dont have twitter etc. accounts. and i’m hesitant to join things unless i know i think i’ll have time to really participate. so at this point… i have to say… i’ll see what happens.

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