Procreate, drawing application for iPad

Old garage

La couche d'ozone

Drawing apps for iPad  are very tempting, and I got tempted by Procreate. I use it now more often than Brushes. Why? It is  difficult to answer, like explaining why  having a preferred  brush , preferred colours, preferred papers.

In Procreate  I like the simple, clear way all the settings are displayed and are fast to reach.

I do not like apps were you open little drawers and see  pencils , brushes, pens, or have a kind of artist studio environment.

In Procreate, I like the different types of brushes offered, classified in different sets. Very handy to choose.

And of course the layers with different functions, the ability to create new brushes… it is complete but stay simple to use for anyone.

Above two examples made with Procreate.

Other examples here:

Les applications de dessins pour le iPad sont trés tentantes et je me suis laissée tentée par Procreate. Je l’utilise maintenant plus que Brushes. Pourquoi? C’est difficile à expliquer, un peu comme expliquer pourquoi avoir un pinceau préféré, des couleurs, des papiers préférés.

Avec Procreate j’aime comment les paramètres sont affichés. C’est clair, simple et rapide d’accès.

Je n’aime pas les applications avec des petits tiroirs remplis de crayons, pinceaux, stylos ou avec ambiance de studio d’artiste.

Avec Procreate, j’aime les types de pinceaux offerts et classés par type. Pratique pour choisir.   

Et bien sur les calques (layers) avec différentes fonctions, la possibilité de créer de nouveaux pinceaux… c’est complet mais reste facile d’utilisation.

Ci-haut deux exemples fait avec Procreate.

D’autres ici:


11 thoughts on “Procreate, drawing application for iPad

  1. aloha Benedicte – did i miss something? do you now have an iPad? way cool. i have not seen Procreate. i will look for it.

    you have some great painterly effects in these.

    it is fun to work with the Apps – i do intend to keep a hand on brush and paper as well – but it’s also fun to work out ideas with the Apps and then explore them in other ways with a brush and paper. . .

    fun on. aloha.

    • Yes Rick, I was spoiled at Christmas! I love the iPad, the bigger screen is a big plus from the iPod. Like you I like working digitally but also in real, they complement each other.
      have you tried photoshop for iPad?

      • bwahahahaha – lucky you to be spoiled.

        i looked Procreate up. my iPad 2 is less than a year old and already 2 jumps out of date. the Procreate App says at lest 5 is required. i have a 4.3.2.

        is your iPad a Retina display? wow, Procreate looks very very good. i would have gotten it if i thought it would work on my iPad 2.

        i have the Photoshop App – but ArtStudio App works much more like you would think the Photoshop App should work. neither one is quite up to a true full scale Photoshop program but i can do a lot on ArtStudio App and use it most of the time.

        the other App i really like is Zen Brush. a few other Apps i have respond a little to the pressure and speed of a stroke – but none do it as well as Zen Brush (at least of those that i have). i’m curious if Procreate has this kind of sensitivity.

        Zen Brush is deceptively simple – but it’s one of my most used Apps to create with. i often use it first then take what i do into ArtStudio to add color and do other things. it is simple and way fun to draw with and i find there is a lot i can do with it.

        fun on. aloha

      • Hi Rick, I have 5.0., not a retina Can’t you upgrade?

        I love also Zenbrush and never found a brush effect similar in other app.
        In procreate there are a lot of settings to play with every brush, but I lack the patience of exploring that.
        I stopped using Artstudio because it crashed once, no patience there again, I did not give it an other chance, I might now!
        Anyway,too many choices is not that good for me, I spent too much time wondering what to use!

  2. Wow, really cool – I also really love ‘Alley’ and ‘Almost Night’ 🙂 Gotta get me an ipad – the sony (android) tablet is pretty amazing but I think ipad is probably better for art.

  3. aloha Benedicte – (replying to your reply) upgrade – i dont know. i’ve never been able to sync my iPad to my Desktop because my desktop needs to be updated. i’ve had that on my to-do list for over a year now. i’d like updating the iPad – if it’s possible. i’ll have to look into that. *marks his to-do list – with one more* bwahahahaha.

    yeah, when i initially got ArtStudio it did crash a couple of times. then there were some updates. and now it has not crashed for a long time. i’ve found updating the Apps is a very good thing to do. so i check often to see if there are new updates – from the iTunes store there is a place to check it. it’ll show you any update for any App you’ve bought or have even if it was free. most all updates are free. so i do them regularly.

    to learn on an App with a lot of choices. i experiment. just one or two new things each time i draw/paint in that app. that kind of exploration is fun for me. and that’s how i learn the App.

    fun on. aloha.

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