Seeing things in things

Good morning!

Do you see things in things?

Heart in coffee,  fish in stone? Yes? You are an artist then.

Vous voyez des choses dans des choses?

Coeur dans le café,  poisson dans un rocher? Oui? Alors vous êtes un artiste.



6 thoughts on “Seeing things in things

  1. Coeur dans le café expresses exactly how I feel about coffee. It is love. Have you ever seen someone drink coffee in a hurry …? What’s up with that?? I always wonder how people can hurry through coffee. But this — a heart in the coffee — ummmm.

    Coffee is like an island in the universe, a most wonderful island, where time stands still and life is warm and lovely. I like oolong tea, too.

    Two islands, one coffee, one oolong — both wonderful.

    • You should see Italians drinking their espresso! Very very fast!
      But I agree with you I like also to savor it, but still drink it hot…equilibrium!
      I like the image of an island, it is so true, lovely islands. thank you Aletha

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