Thinking of Gutenberg

I am discovering the magic of printing. I was never very good at reproducing an image, over and over. In printmaking, the image is easy to duplicate and I can concentrate on other things like colours, paper, centering or not , overlapping or not. I can imagine the wonder of M. Gutenberg when he started printing, reproducing texts faster than ever.

Je suis entrain de découvrir la magie de l’imprimerie. Reproduire une image n’a jamais été mon fort. En imprimant, l’image est reproduite facilement et je peux me concentrer sur d’autres choses comme la couleur, le papier, centrer ou non, chevaucher ou non. J’imagine l’émerveillement de M. Gutenberg quand il a commencé à imprimer, reproduisant des textes plus vite que jamais auparavant.

Cut in styrofoam, hand printed on watercolor and rice paper with gouache and inks.

Gravé dans du styrofoam, imprimé à la main sur papier aquarelle et papier de riz, avec gouache et encres.


10 thoughts on “Thinking of Gutenberg

  1. aloha Benedicte – this is way fun. these 4 cats have the bounce of life in them. way fun. and yeah, i like the way you are thinking of “print-ing”. it’s a great way to cross our “digital” mind/process with real time paper. way cool. aloha.

    • thank you Rick. Your comment was in the spam section, I do not know why because you had left comments before.
      I had try printing before and did not like the precision it requires. I like working with foam, very informal, easy, and I can add details after. Fun, fun, fun!

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