Organizing the studio

Organizing the studio seems like a good idea, when there is too much of everything everywhere. Pencils with pencils, brushes with brushes, colour tubes, pastels…inks with inks. Oh! my favorite sepia ink, almost dried out, I forgot about it. I had to try it before sorting the rest.


C’est une bonne idée de ranger le studio quand il y a trop de tout partout! Les crayons avec les crayons, les pinceaux avec les pinceaux, les tubes de couleurs, les pastels… les encres avec les encres. Oh! Mon encre sépia que j’adore, presque sèche, je l’avais  oubliée. Je devais l’essayer avant de ranger le reste.


2 thoughts on “Organizing the studio

  1. Sounds like my whole house! Getting organized is my continual challenge. I love the drawings. They are so bold and varied. They exhibit many moods and ideas.

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