Drawing trees is like …touching them. Touching their bark, their branches,  their leaves, their roots. A strange feeling, because I never do it in real!

Drawing trees is a recurring theme for me, with out thinking I just do them.

Tree and snow



Dessiner des arbres c’est comme les toucher. Toucher leur écorce, leurs branches, leurs feuilles, leurs racines. Etrange impression, car c’est quelquechose que je ne fais pas dans la vie!

Les arbres sont un de mes thèmes récurrants, je les dessine sans même y penser.


8 thoughts on “Trees

  1. I feel that way about trees, too, Ben. In someways they are like figures — they have arms and bodies, and seem to express states of mind, an emotional presence.

    These drawings are lovely. You have caught them just perfectly. Tree portraits.

  2. In fact I just found out your blog on google, looking for “vitesse abstrait”, for a schoolwork in architecture, and your drawing expressed speed. I like these trees too.

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