Tintin meets Spielberg

Tintin meets Spielberg and the result is great. Tintin, like Astérix, Gaston, Lucky Luke , was one of my childhood companion. I loved looking over and over at the illustations, the details, the perfect lines. I loved the adventures.

In the movie , The adventures of Tintin, I got the same feeling as in the albums: action,  beautiful graphic images, lots of details, amazing backgrounds. The only minus would be how Milou / Snowy is drawn, a bit too fluffy, to my taste.

La rencontre de Tintin et de Spielberg a été très bonne. Tintin, ainsi que Astérix, Gaston et Lucky Luke, était un de mes compagnons d’enfance. J’adorais feuilleter les albums, regarder les illustrations, les détails, la ligne parfaite. J’adorais ces aventures.

J’ai eu la même impression en regardant le film,  Les aventures de Tintin: de l’action, de belles images très graphiques, beaucoup de détails, des arrière-plans magnifiques. La seule petite critique serait pour Milou, un peu trop vaporeux à mon goût.


7 thoughts on “Tintin meets Spielberg

  1. What a wonderful cartoon you have drawn – if you don’t mind I will print it out for my office wall 🙂 You know I love Tintin. I haven’t seen the movie yet – I read a couple of bad reviews and wasn’t sure I wanted the kids to see it as it might spoil the books (but you may have changed my mind). There is a cartoon series on dvd that we own and love – they are just like the books and I like the voiceovers – just how I imagine they would speak. I had a quick look at a preview of the movie and didn’t like the voices. I might wait till the movie is out on dvd and then get it. Thanks for a great blog Benedicte.

    • Thank you Gabrielle,
      I saw the film in French and liked the voices. I did not want to listen to any critiques before going, they spoil the surprise and fresh look for me anyway!
      The film is a good interpretation, it is not a copy , a good way to do it.
      I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
      You made my day printing my heroes and having it in your office! Thank you.

  2. Fantastic cartoon, Bénédicte – many of my favourite cartoon characters in there.
    I saw the Tintin movie a couple of weeks ago and absolutely loved it but felt the same as you about the way Snowy was drawn and also thought Tintin looked a bit squinty. (Also noticed for the first time how most of the male characters were drawn with huge bulbous noses :-D) Other than that it was most enjoyable entertainment and really beautifully done – I also loved all the detail of the places that they went to.

    • thank you very much bluebee. I am very surprised to see that Tintin is known in many countries and languages.
      I also agree with you about how the characters are drawn, not a copy of the originals, more a modern interpretation but overall a good entertaining movie.

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