In 2012…

Sue Hawkins Shitao

In 2012, I would like to be more persistent. Stick with a medium  for more than 2 or 3 attempts. 10 seems like a good number, so I will do 10 or more before trying  an other one.

Above, the first two in ink and gouache, as I could not stick to ink alone…

Pour 2012, j’aimerai être plus persistente, rester avec un medium pour plus que 2 ou 3  essais. 10 semble être un bon nombre, alors je vais en faire au moins 10 avant d’en essayer un autre.

En haut, les 2 premier à l’encre et gouache…je n’ai pas pu rester avec encre seule!


8 thoughts on “In 2012…

  1. I like your idea of doing 10 – who knows when you have reached that number you may wish to do even more ! practice makes perfect!!

  2. What a super challenge for yourself. Exploring different media is always interesting, and doing 10 of them will really explore the boundaries. Very much looking forward to seeing this developing ~Fiona

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