auto-portrait, wacom tablet, photoshop.

Medium is an interesting word. I use it  for  techniques and materials:  watercolor, pencil, photoshop… When looking at the meanings, the idea of “in the middle” comes to my mind. A medium can be a person in the middle of living and dead persons, medium is the size in the middle of big and small. In art,  a medium is also in the middle of the mental image and the image produced, as a bridge linking two worlds.

Changing medium brings me to different routes, different bridges to get across.

Medium est un mot intéressant. Je l’utilise pour les techniques et matériels: aquarelle, crayon, photoshop… Quand j’en regarde les sens, “au milieu” me vient à l’esprit. Un medium est une personne au milieu des vivants et des morts, medium est au milieu de petit et grand. En art, le medium est entre l’image mental et l’image produite, comme un pont réunissant deux mondes.

En changeant de medium, je change de route, de pont pour traverser.

9 thoughts on “Medium

  1. The way you muse about the meaning of the word “medium” is quite evocative. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the meaning of medium in art expressed more aptly. The choice of materials shapes an image so much more than most people think. A medium can make certain effects very difficult to accomplish or it can make their acquisition smoother. Sometime that difficulty is exactly what one needs, too, for the sake of a kind of invention. Equally much sometimes the ease with which certain media help a picture is like a God-sent blessing. And whether it is easy or difficult — in either case — the medium poses limits around which art has to accept its confinement. A picture is not the thing, but a parallel world to real things. A picture is about thoughts about things. Sometimes it’s like an echo cardiogram, a picture of how the heart responded to waves reflected against its surfaces.

    Your autoportrait is very striking, uses its medium in a brilliant way. And yet it conceals as much as reveals. The walls a medium builds are as interesting as its windows and doors.

    • thank you Aletha,
      so many interesting things you say!
      I like very much your idea of an image being a parallel word. I agree totally!
      I wonder why I change often medium, and cannot stick to one for a long time. Then I realized that the goal is the same and changing medium help me to focus on the goal.

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