The colours of summer

From memory. De mémoire

Remembering the explosion of colours I received when I saw the Maures,  this summer. Deep red and sienna plunging in the vibrant blue of the Mediterranean against a cerulean sky.

Souvenirs de l’explosion de couleurs , en regardant le massif des Maures, cet été.Rouges profonds et terre de Sienne plongeant dans le bleu vibrant de la Méditerranée sur fond de ciel céruléen.


8 thoughts on “The colours of summer

  1. aloha Benedicte – zing – I like these. beautiful brush work. …brings to mind the brush work in some of John Marin’s watercolors (yeah I like his work a lot). I like your strong color play and the long format you chose for these works as well. cool and fun – a delight. aloha

      • aloha Benedicte – a quick note just to be sure… the painter I was thinking of is John MARIN (1870-1953)

        there is a painter john MARTIN (1789-1854) who also has a lot of great work on the web…

        I know it may just be a typo in the comment… I just wanted to be clear on John Marin because I like the way Marin explored both imagery and brush work…


  2. These two drawings are so different. When I saw the second one, the lines seemed like a jolt — reminded me how wonderful different media are — how different a motif can be experienced simply by changing the medium. They are both lovely and both very different in feeling. Like different worlds.

  3. Thank you Rick for your comment and your time! yes it was a typo! so sorry!
    I did went to see John Marin the first time, and with your second comment went to see John Martin. They are both so interesting. The skies of Martin made me think of Turner.

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