Bleu de pastel

Painted with ” bleu de pastel véritable” from Alby, France

Did you know that pastel   (woad) was a blue dye from a plant cultivated in Europe and was nearly lost by the cheaper indigo from India. Pastel is cultivated again in Tarn, south west part of France.

Saviez-vous que le pastel était une teinture bleu dérivée d’une plante cultivée en Europe. Elle a été presque oubliée et perdue à cause  de l’indigo des Indes, meilleur marché. La culture de cette plante recommence dans le Tarn, sud-ouest de la France.



10 thoughts on “Bleu de pastel

  1. Lots of talk about blue up here, our daughter in Lincoln is just having new windows and wants them painted blue, have you seen this blog lovely blues on the way to Provence and some jems of old houses. Your drawing reminds me of a church in Ibiza we found years ago and the indigo dye…. well it was the woad of the ancient Britons!!!! No wonder we all wear jeans now!!

  2. nope. i didnt know that. cool. aloha Benedicte. there is something familiar in this work that feels good to me. somehow it feels like something i’d like on my wall – a wall in a room i’d return to, to be home. i like that. i’m not sure what it is… i’ll have to think about it.

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