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When I started to draw portraits, I always choose a front view. Profiles were too intimidating, too difficult. I read somewhere that if you can draw a landscape, you can draw a portrait. It is an interesting thought.

Forgetting about the subject and concentrating on the lines, the structure, avoiding the fear to sneak in and go on bravely with the drawing.

Quand j’ai commencé à faire des portraits, je choisissais toujours des vues de face. Les profiles étaient trop intimidants, trop difficiles à rendre. J’ai lu  ce conseil: si vous pouvez dessiner un paysage, vous pouvez faire un portrait. Une idée interessante.

Oublier le sujet, se concentrer sur les lignes, la structure, ne pas laisser la peur s’infiltrer, continuer bravement avec le dessin.


3 thoughts on “Profiles

  1. Always glad to hear that someone has surmounted a hesitation in art. But I know what it’s about. Even after years and years, I still have to push myself sometimes about certain motifs. But — yes! — always be willing to have a whack at it! Draw and draw and draw.

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