Sketching outside

Sketching outside is challenging. Everything moves, the leaves, the ears, the sun… adding the colour after a few weeks brings back these memories.

Dessiner d’après nature c’est stimulant car tout bouge, les feuilles, les oreilles, le soleil… ajouter la couleur plus tard fait resurgir ces souvenirs.


5 thoughts on “Sketching outside

  1. aloha Benedicte. yeah, sketching outside… I agree. of course, all that movement, and weather, and light shifting and the bugs and birds and sounds and scents… aaaahhh… all that stuff, gets into the sketch/work – the way I see it. And that is how so much life gets into a live outdoor sketch – imo. like these. aaahhh life. in these. beautiful. rich. delicious. and way fun too.

    I particularly like the hill ridge landscape. a great sense of atmospheric perspective and distance.

    the lower one makes me think of Judi Bett’s and her goats in the book Watercolor – Let’s Think About It… cool on that.

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